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TMA Rivers Wallmug Demita

RM 49.00

Did you know that the UK alone throws away 2.5 billion disposable coffee cups every year?

Paper cups comes with a layer of polyethylene (PE)-coated for waterproofing purposes, making it hard to be recycled by ordinary recycling centres.

Hence as part of our green effort, we are selling TMA Rivers Wallmug Demita at COST! Best part of all, you get a 10% discount for ANY handcrafted beverages, both hot and cold, as well as your loyalty points / stamps.

The Rivers Wallmug Demita do come with an optional accessory, Micro Coffee Dripper, making brewed coffee on-to-go more exciting, convenience and easy to clean!

Comes with 5 colours: Beige, Blue, Black, Kahki and Red.

100% original from Japan.