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TMA Specialty Chocolate Powder v2 - Bulk

RM 365.00


A blend of two single origin chocolate pressed from selected African & Malaysia cocoa. Bold, harmonious, full-bodied and aromatic notes, leaving an intense finishing that coats the pallet.

500g is capable of producing 33 cups of hot chocolate in a 8oz cup.

Recommended serving:

Hot (8-oz):
18-g of TMA Signature Chocolate Powder
180-ml of frothed fresh milk
5-g of sugar (optional)

Cold (12-oz):
20-g of TMA Signature Chocolate Powder
180-ml of cold milk
5-g of sugar (optional)
Top it up with ice cubes

Best served with F&N Magnolia Barista, Yarra Master Barista & F&N Farmhouse fresh milk.

Tip 1: Replace milk with water for hot cocoa.

Tip 2: Add espresso for Mocha!